Welcome to CICREB, Your consumer rights Champion.

CICREB through research of existing laws, is compilling laws to be adopted in the Uganda constitution to help in the task of enforcing rules and regulations to protect consumers.

In regulatory jurisdictions that provide for this (a list including most or all developed countries with free market economies) Consumer Protection is a group of laws and organisations designed to ensure the rights of consumers, as well as fair trade, competition, and accurate information in the market place. These laws are designed to prevent businesses that engage in fraud or unfair practices from gaining an unfair advantage over competitors.

Consumer protection laws are a form of government regulations that aimed at protecting the rights of consumers, particularly in areas where safety or public health is an issue. These laws are upheld by government organisations and self-regulating business organisations such as Consumer protection agencies, ombudsmen, the FTC in America, the Better Business Bureau in the America and Canada or CICREB in Uganda among others.


We aim at being accessible to the market and all the groups and individuals classified as consumers. We are active on Social Media, maintain a comprehensive and ever evolving F.A.Q section and you can always reach us here.

Corrective Action

We maintain diligent Point Countdown Scores(PCS) to those that recieve our citations as they continue to implement corrective action and measures to end consumer abuse and Bad Business Practices. Learn more


We offer trainings to the general public and mandatory classes to consumer rights violators in an effort to creare awareness and educate them on better business practices and foster a better understanding of consumer rights and the urgent need for them to be respected. Learn more about our activities here.

Who we are

Consumer Intelligence, Compliance and Recovery Bureau (CICREB) is a private agency working with the government and supported by United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection (UNGCP) Act as an international reference point of the consumer movement to ensure consumers get quality and sufficient goods and services without discrimination. As consumer protection agency we ensure consumer rights are protected and preserved. The references used to support our roles are backed by both Local and International Laws to safeguard the consumer.

What we do

The Government sets rules and CICREB together with other agencies and authorities enforce them. We look at the safety standards for new and used goods, to outlaw deceptive packaging, requiired warnings, e.g on cigarattes, manfated warnings and full disclosure on all finance charges in consumer credit agreements, unit pricing on food products and other goods, control on labels of perishable goods and products, marking clearly the expiration dates of food stuffs and drugs, and laws on recycling and waste disposal. We create awareness to consumers on products and services in the efforts to ensure their rights are respected, and through the same method we preserve the environment. Learn more →

Let us work together to create the marketplace we deserve.