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Job List

Director of Projects

Responsibilities: The Director of Projects is to oversee the smooth running of projects, guides and evaluates the roles of projects, innovates, drafts budgets for the future expansion of projects, and reports to the Director General for implementation

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Head of Finance

Responsibilites: The Head of Finance is responsible for all organisation finances, financial reports, taxation, allocating the finances where required, settle bills, accounting and audit, making sure all the organisational budget is fulfilled, ensuring recovery porgram and making the accounts good for sufficient funds fitting the organisational needs.

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Responsibilities: responsible for all administration and administrative work, HR, Office management, discipline and al the welfare cordination of all sectors

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Field Officers

Responsibilities: A field officer is the eyes and ears of the organisation in the field. He/She is responsible for conducting covert/overt checks to the areas of violation to identify the consumer abuse in the market place.

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Publlic Relations Officer

Responsibilities: Publicity, IT, media, blogs and all social networks.

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