Q. What is CICREB?

CICREB (Consumer Intelligence, Compliance and Recovery Bureau) is a consumer protection agency fully supported by the Goverment of Uganda and the International Community.

Q. How is it managed?

It is an entity or parastatal managed by the Director General, supported by directors ans support staff. The overall governing structure is controlled by the Board of Directors.

Q. What does CICREB do?

CICREB is a Consumer Protection Agency, not only covering Uganda but the entire region of East Africa

Q. How does CICREB operate?

We operate covertly 80% to be able to catch those in violtions. 20% overtly to sensitize the public on the fore going.

Q. What does CICREB do when they find such violations?

CICREB handles violators in four good ways, (a) Educating them, (b) Giving them a citation, (c)asking them to fix the violation, (d) requiring them to attend mandatory consumer rights classes.

Q. What is a citation and when does one get it?

A citation is a ticket issued by a CICREB official in the field to the violators of consumer rights. Citations contain the nature of violation details at the back, with instructions on how to go about it.

Q. How can i contest it?

There is a step-by-step guide at the back of each citation on how to deal with that specific citation.

Q. How can i become a partner?

Everybody is a partner, we are all consumers, and we all at some point have been abused by either a supplier or a retiler in the marketplace. Become a partner by being vigilant and report such bad elements who provide you with goods or services.

Q. Are you UNBS or NDA?

No, we are a separate Agency the covers most of the areas for compliance purposes. We work with them when needed and we also provide confidential reports to them on the areas we need to streamline in the martketplace.

Q. What else do you do?

CICREB is a 24/7 watchdog to ensure consumers are protected and quality goods and services are adhered for smooth wellbeing. This applies internationally, we answer all calls regarding minerals, documents, business entities, governments etc. Visit here for more information.