A defective product or service
    Everyday, someone out there consumes an expired product or accepts a substandard service, why settle for this, now you can do something about it
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    You decide what you consume
    Consumers deserve better, and its our responsibility to make sure they are protected.
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    But we need your help and vigilance
    Everyday we take a step to a safer consumer enviroment

Food production and other manufacturing

Report a product or service that is harmful.

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Don't Let Money lenders or anyone else take advantage of you, report them and stand up for your rights

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Bad Drugs, unprofessionalism

Together we can create a safer health care environment for our children, take action today

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Report a bad product

Dont underestimate how much impact a simple action like reporting an expired product on a shelf can have

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Work together with CICREB for a better market.

Consumer Intelligence, Compliance and Recovery Bureau (CICREB) therefore focus on consumer rights and corporate responsibility. Consumers have the right to accurate and full information, to safe products, to adequate product choices, to product that do not harm the environment, to services that are sufficient and offer quality products, etc.

Collaborative Standards Watch

Making sure all goods imported and manufactured meet or exceed the standards of National Bureau of Standards(UNBS).

Corrective Action & Trainings

We offer trainings to the violators, and create awareness through our consumer school classes and encourage corrective action..

PCS, Citation monitoring and Auditing

We issue citations as a means to punish offenders to make sure they do not repeat such activities, this ties into serious point countdown scores (PCS)to those who receive our citations in the process of correcting the consumer abuse and bad business practice (BBP). Learn more about what we do →

Credit Rating and Scoring

We take charge of ensuring consumers get credible customers, and customers meet credible services. We therefore code credit rating to consumers to make sure there is a balance between the service provider consumers to the served consumers.

Verify a Citation Online

How can you help us?

Just call 0414-669-803 to report a bad product or service (toll free coming soon)

Our Key Sectors

In the quest to serve the wide spectrum of consumer protection needs in Uganda, there are a cross section of sectors and segments that we place much emphasis and they are usually the ones in which consumer rights are abused the most.


Through education and sensitizing the public, we continue cover the field to create awareness. We have provided on our website the hot lines to call when one is sold fake goods or provided with insufficient services. We continue to work with those concerned in this noble cause.

Health Care

The population is experiencing lots of diseases and discomfort as the result of the consumer rights abuse through the sale of extremely expired good, poor services, and negligence. Through consumer intelligence we have found out that some clinics and drug stores are managed by non-professional attendants or owners who have no attachment to the patients they serve.

Food Production

Most industries have failed to follow the rules enforced by UNBS, or any other legislated bodies, as the result, we have lots of duplicated goods in the market, which end up causing losses and discomfort to the consumers. The working environment is not favorable to qualify some of these to be called manufacturing plants.


All consumables are subject to inspection from all points of entries and even in the country. Some of them are locally manufactured or made, others do evade the UNBS offices or any other implementer check points, such goods and services end up on the market. That’s why our covert operators are in the field to end this practice.

Banking and Finance

We are here to assist in the process of negotiations, litigation, or providing information about such Bank, Lenders, etc. to consumers whose rights have been violated.
We work with all banks to ensure that consumers are not violated, and banks are safe guarded by having cleared customers in terms of credibility.

Credit Ratings and Credit Institutions

We are concerned when it comes to credit and credit institutions. Consumers fall pray to such institutions especially money lenders licensed or un licensed. There is no proper information to the consumers as to how they can be assisted in determining the interest rates, agreements provided by such providers, collateral or security asked.






Corrective Action taken


Months since Inception

Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

CICREB is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, respectful public awareness and consumer protection with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods.

Vision Statement

To make CICREB a place of choice to run to for protection as we protect consumers' rights, for better goods and services in a corruption free environment without discrimination.

Friends & Partners

Consumer Intelligence, Compliance and Recovery Bureau (CICREB) in partnership with the Government becomes an activist to protect our consumer, in all those aforementioned areas and sectors to ensure there is safety and development of products and services. (The bridge to create a smooth relationship in the market place). We cannot achieve this in isolation, so we aim to work together with the regulatory agencies that play a critical role in ensuring and enforcing consumer rights. These agencies are NEMA, {EPA} NDA, FDA, GTC, UCC, CPSC(Consumer Products Safety Commision), KCCA, UNRA, UNBS, Uganda Police to mention but a few.